Best home theater system under 15000 in india

Best home theater system under 15000: Theatres are the best thing to enjoy the movies with your loved ones. It makes us believe that we are watching the movies in real. From the audio to the picture everything seems perfect when we watch a movie in theaters. The fun becomes double when you are watching a movie in theaters with your loved one. But it may feel quite hectic to book the ticket and go to the theater every weekend? The real fun of watching a movie is when you watch it wearing your pajama set. Of course, it will be so embarrassing if you go to a theater wearing a night suit.

Now imagine a home theater where you can watch anything at any time. It will be so amazing to get a thing like this. What if we tell you that you can convert this beautiful imagination to reality? Don’t be surprised, there is the best home theater under 15000 in 2021. You can buy the theater speaker, fix it with your T.V and enjoy unlimited entertainment. But the question arises where to buy such theater? Is it going to be very expensive? How can we connect it with our T.V?

Don’t worry guys, we are here to answer all your questions. First of all, read the following list of best home theaters speaker under 15000 in India that we have made especially for you. There is a direct link to buying the theaters also. Go through the list, check the pros and cons, read the buying guide, and order one for your immediately. This list may contain the best home sound system under 15000 in India and also the best home speaker System Under 15000. The prices are very convenient and the quality of each piece is amazing.

Top 7 best selling brands home theater under 15000 List | Price | Detail | Review

Best home theater system under 15000 in india

  1. Philips Audio MMS2220B 2.1 Speaker Check Price
  2. JBL Cinema SB231 Dolby Digital Soundbar Check Price
  3. Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 9001 PRO Dolby Check Price
  4. JBL Cinema SB261 Dolby Digital Soundbar Check Price
  5. Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 9400 Pro Dolby Soundbar Check Price
  6. LG SN4 300 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Check Price
  7. Samsung HW-K350 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Check Price
  8. Philips Audio MMS2220B 2.1 Speaker

The speaker has a glass top design for a premier look and design. It is going to look very attractive in your living room. You can fix the speakers the way you like them. You can either keep it as a satellite or as a soundbar. It is not going to affect the quality of the audio. In general, the quality of the audio is amazing. You will feel as if you are experiencing everything live. It makes less noise and has more sound quality. It can be connected with the help of Bluetooth, USB cable, or direct audio.

It has a total of 2 harmonic distortions. The total power frequency to make the sound is 120Watt. The sensitivity is 88dB and the output channel is 3. The sound to noise ratio is 66dB which is quite impressive at such a price range. The whole weight of the package is 11.2Kg. It is going to be the best home theater under 15000.

  1. JBL Cinema SB231, 2.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar

JBL has given us one of the best home theaters under 1000 in India and other appliances also. The model is a soundbar with multiple connectivities. It can be connected wirelessly, Bluetooth, and with the help of an aux cable. You can connect it with television, computer, tablets, and even with smartphones also. It can be operated with the help of remote control and mount on the wall. You can also keep it on the table but in that case, you need to be very careful about unwanted accidents. It has a 110 Watt powerful output and a 2.1 channel.

There comes a warranty card with the product and covers all the damages to the speaker for a mentioned time interval. Be careful, they will not replace it in case of full damage to the product. The design is very sleek and looks very attractive on your wall and TV table. The remote control works with the batteries and the speaker work with the electricity.

  1. Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 9001 PRO Dolby

It is a subwoofer and speaker type model which can be connected to any device wirelessly. Zebronics is one of the remarkable brands to make sound appliances. The best home theater under 15000 can be controlled with the help of a remote. You need to insert the batteries cell to run the remote. The speaker works with electricity. You can either mount the plate on the wall or leave it on any table. It had a multi-driver setup which make sure that sound is reaching every corner of the room.

The bass of the speaker is very powerful and gives an amazing experience to its users. It can be connected to any device with multiple options. This feature makes it very versatile to use. The design of the best home theater under 15000 in 2021 is decor friendly. It can look amazingly perfect with the beauty of any room. The design is very sleek and the color is black.

  1. JBL Cinema SB261, 2.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar

JBL is an extraordinary brand that makes audio appliances. The speaker type is a soundbar and can be connected to a television, tablets, and even smartphones. It has a subwoofer attached for extra bass. The audio quality of the speaker is amazing. The total size of the item is 5 inches only. Hence, it is very easy to store and fix in the house. The best home speaker under 15000 can be either mount on the wall or you can keep it at the table or at the ground.

One can connect it with a smartphone with the help of Bluetooth and enjoy unlimited music. The bass of the speakers gives you a live experience of DJ. It can also be connected to devices with the help of HDMI ARC and Optical ARC. It has a sound output of 220 Watt. Trust us, this mega speaker is going to give you a lifetime experience. The look is very sleek and will look absolutely perfect in your hall.

  1. Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 9400 Pro Dolby Soundbar

This best home speaker under 15000 in 2021 has a subwoofer attached which gives the perfect bass with supreme audio quality. It is ideal to connect with a mobile phone or with a tablet. Of course, it can be connected to a television or computer but it gives better results when connected to a phone or tablet. It is a wall-mount and black in color. There comes two rare speakers with it. You can fix the position of those speakers or bring them closure to yourself for better sound.

The best home theater under 15000 can be connected with multiple options like USB, HDMI, AUX, Input arc, etc. Audio wattage is 525Watt and overall wattage is 150Watt. Remote control function with the help of batteries but those are not included in the package. You need to buy it from outside. The total weight of the item is 7Kg 7 grams.

  1. LG SN4 300 Watt 2.1 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

LG is one of the famous companies for making many useful appliances. This speaker is also the manufacturing of LG. The speaker is a model from the best home Theater System under 15000. You can connect it to the device with the help of Bluetooth. It is hassle-free connectivity. The subwoofers are attached to the speaker making it one of the best devices to feel like a home theater. It cannot be mount on the wall. You need to fix a place on the floor or at any table for this device.

The carbon diaphragm is fixed in the subwoofer of the speaker. It helps more clarity to the audio. It can also be connected with the help of several cables in case the Bluetooth is not working. Don’t worry about syncing with the television audio. It matches perfectly each and every word of the television.

  1. Samsung HW-K350 150 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar

It has a special feature of the subwoofer. This home theater under 15000 is ideal for connectivity with tablets, smartphones, and television. When you will join the system with your phone, it is going to show you an on-off button and other buttons also. You can directly play the songs from there. It is a hassle-free speaker where you don’t have to mess up with the wires.

Actually, there is a separate app for the speaker. You can install the app on your device and operate it Hassel-free. It has 5 sound modes. You can choose one according to your preference. It consumes only 0.5Watt in on mode. The remote control is also available with this model.

Buying guide

Audio quality

A speaker is not a speaker without the perfect audio quality. Check the audio before buying any speaker.

Power consumption

Make sure the power consumption of the speaker is not much. Otherwise, it is going to add to your electricity bill a lot.


The third important factor is the look of the speaker. Do not choose a model with a large background. Buy a neutral one.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can we connect the speaker to television?

Ans: Yes, you can connect it to television, mobile phone and with tablets. It depends on the model that you are buying.

  1. What is the audio quality of speakers?

Ans: It also depends on which model you are buying and from which company. The sound quality of the above speakers is amazing.

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