Best 2.1 Home Theater System Under 5000 In India

Best 2.1 Home Theater System Under 5000: Home theater is something that we have all dreamt of since our childhood. Having a massive home theater to entertain yourself at holidays could be the best thing that ever happened to some people. But not everyone can afford such a huge setup. It requires a separate room and expenses of lakhs. But technology has made everything easy for a human. The technician has made special sound systems that can give you the theater experience at home. Usually, we all have large led screens at home. All we need is a good quality sound system to feel each moment of the show.

In this article, we are going to talk about those systems which are under your budget and can give you the best sound. We will be discussing the best home theater under 5000. Don’t judge these systems by their prices. Look at the features and description carefully and you will be amazed.

Best 2.1 Home Theater System Under 5000 In India

Top 2.1 Home Theater Under 5000 List | Price | Detail | Specification

  1. Infinity Hardrock 210 Check Price
  2. Philips Audios IN-MMS6080B Check Price
  3. Panasonic HiFi SC-HT19GW-K Check Price
  4. Philips Audio MMS2625B Check Price
  5. F&D F550X 2.1 Speaker Check Price
  6. LG LK72BE 2.1 Speaker Check Price
  7. Zebronics ZEB-CLAW 2 Check Price
  8. Intex IT-1800 Beats Check Price
  9. Infinity Hardrock 210 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Infinity is one of the best-emerging brands for electronic devices. The company has the best devices at the best prices. This sound system is an example of such a device. There is a subwoofer attached to the system. The subwoofer is 12 inches long. It can be connected with the help of Bluetooth.

You don’t have to hassle with wires and their loose connectivity. It can be operated with the help of remote control which further needs batteries to run. Remote control has basic functions like on/off, volume control, Bluetooth control, etc. It can be connected to television, tablets, and smartphones. The range of the bass is 210 pops. Doesn’t matter what you play, jazz, rock, soft, it is going to give you the appropriate bass all the time.

  1. Philips Audio 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker

Philips needs no introduction when it comes to electronic devices. The speaker is another massive production of Philips. The system is 2.1 channel speaker type. The diameter of the subwoofer is 5.2 inches. It can surely convert your television into the best 2.1 home theater under 5000. The connectivity type is wired. You need an aux cable to connect the system with your other device. The system is floor-standing and is not waterproof. Be careful about water and other liquid stuff. It may damage the system permanently. The system is black and hence can look best on white furniture. The best part of this old-school sound system is that it can be connected to a DVD player also. You can watch all your old memories from the DVD player easily.

  1. Panasonic HiFi SC-HT19GW-K Speaker System

This is amazing production of Panasonic. The set is loaded with tons of special features that make it included in the list of best home theaters under 5000. It can be mount on the wall and can be controlled with the remote. The remote will have access to all the major features of the sound system. It can be connected to your other devices with the help of Bluetooth and an aux cable. The best part of this home theater is that it has FM radio channels. So whenever you feel like not watching the television shows and movies, you can turn on the FM and enjoy the melody of songs. The sound is very clear. It has a capacity of 30mm clear sound. The look of the system is very sleek. It is black with three different boxes.

  1. Philips Audio MMS2625B 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

The home theater from Philips can be connected with the help of Bluetooth to other devices. It is compatible with almost every device like a phone, tablet, DVD player, and other surrounded systems. The color of the system is black and very huge. The look of the system is giant. The subwoofer attached to the system is 15 millimeters long in size. It also has a special feature of the radio. All the radio channels can be run on this system. It is not a waterproof system hence, do not allow your toddlers to roam around the system with water or liquor things in their hands. The impedance of the speaker, as well as both the subwoofers, is 2 ohm. It also has an option of USM connectivity. So you can connect it with a device that has no Bluetooth connectivity option.

  1. F&D F550X 56 Watt 2.1 Wireless Multimedia Speaker

It can be connected wirelessly with other devices. The sound of the system is very strong. Speaker sound channel configuration is 2.1 and hence, it is in the list of best 2.1 home theater systems under 5000. The color of the system is black and looks attractive in your living room. The system can be mount on the table. You need to find a secure place for this system in your living room or room. There are subwoofers attached to the system and the diameter of the system is 5 inches. The size is small but the strength of bass and sound is amazing. It is square in size with blue color light inside it. When you turn it on, the blue light will glow making it more attractive to watch. The grill of the system is made up of metal. But the metal is rustproof. The density of subwoofers is very high.

  1. LG LK72BE Boom Blastic 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

This system is from LG company i.e. one of the best companies to manufacture electronic devices. It has many other features but the feature that includes it in the list of best home theaters under 5000 is an SD card. You can insert the SD and play all the recorded music and stuff. It is black and can be mount on the wall. You can also place it on a table but then you need to be more careful. It can also be connected with the help of Bluetooth and an aux cable. The bass of the speaker is very powerful. It is going to give you the lifetime experience of watching movies and shows.

  1. Zebronics ZEB-CLAW 2 Wireless Speaker

It has many special features like a wireless connection, Bluetooth connection, etc. It has a remote control that controls all the major features like volume control, and on/off features. There are features even at the speaker also. Like play pause button, play next sound, volume control, etc. The design is very sleek and attractive. It looks very attractive in your living room. It has an LED display that automatically turns on when you plug in the device. You can also play FM radio on this sound system and enjoy the uninterrupted music every time.

  1. Intex IT-1800 Beats 2.1 Home Theater

The speaker type is a computer. It is a very huge but stylish system. The major features of the system are that it has a remote control, you can insert an SD card into it, and can also run a radio. The surround channel configuration is 2.1. The maximum output power is 25 watts which are quite powerful. The audio quality is very clean. You will be mesmerized by the results. The bass of the speaker is very powerful. It will be as if you are watching a movie live.

Buying Guide


Bass is the most important thing when you are buying a sound system. If the bass is not perfect then what is the difference between a local small speaker and a huge sound system. You don’t need to always look at offline speakers and check for base live. Instead, you can check the output power and take an idea about the bass of the system. Therefore, don’t get fooled by the brands and check the list of best home theaters under 5000 above.


Size is the second most important feature of a sound system. Some are big while some are small. If you have a large storage space then you can buy any system but if you have small storage space then you must go for small speakers. Don’t think small speakers will not have enough sound. It all depends on their output power.


Some speakers can be mount on the wall, while some can be mount on the tabletop or the floor. On the other hand, there are some speakers which can be mount in both places. Therefore, check your requirements first and then only buy the best model. If you have toddlers walking all around your house then you should go for the wall mounting speakers.


For some people, color is the most important factor. Usually, all the speakers come in black color which goes with every color theme. But still, if you are not satisfied with the black color then scroll more and look for the preferred color.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  1. Can we connect the sound system to our phones?

Ans: Yes, you can connect sound systems to your phones. Each system has its compatibility with devices.

  1. Why do we need a sound system for our television?

Ans: Because these systems will give you the feel of home theaters. The sound quality improves your experience of watching a movie at home.

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